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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jesus America, What Took You So Long?

Cheese Jerky exists.

It’s made by a company called Snack Patrol!

Here is their CEO & Chief Snack Technician telling us all how great it is via Fox News:


I like the painting of the horse in the background. A little Cheese Jerky ingredient foreshadowing perhaps?

Even better then the video is the Snack Patrol website.


The home page asks you simply if you “eat cheese” or “sell cheese”. I was a little disappointed with the Merchandise and Fun Photos section but the comments page is pure gold. Here’s a selection of my favorite quotes:

They looked at it, saw it was a legitimate product & tore into it. The break room in that physical therapy clinic exploded with one of the therapists and the office manager yelling out in thick Texan accents "Oh my god Betsy- this is SO good! Where did you get it again?? Wait, they make a PEPPERED cheese jerky too?!"

-Betsy R. Texis

I attached a picture because I'm such a fan ;)

- Katie C. London

I live in Independence Ky, Anywhere with in a 100miles is what I'm looking for...would I drive 100 miles for some cheese jerky? Yes I would. You should seriously consider making gift baskets available for the holidays. And how about Valentine baskets for the man in your life, No frou-frou chocolates for him, show him you really care my taking that stuffed bear and filling it with a manly snack of Cheese Jerky sticks. These are all free Ideas, feel free to use them and let me know when they are available…..Or aim it at fat chicks like me

-Heather W. Kentucky

Nothing says I love you like a Teddy Bear stuffed with this:

Except maybe if she’s wearing these when she gives it to me:

I like that they’re bedazzled. That shows class.

P.S. I just e-mailed them and requested a Cheese Jerky shirt for my sheep dog Mutton.

Fingers crossed!

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