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Sunday, December 19, 2010

On the second day of Jheepsmas some loser gave to me...

What do women like? What would make a great gift? Dudes like something useful. Like a tool. But women don't use tools. Wait a minute. Yes they do! But they call them utensils or appliances.

Now you could hop in the car and make a trip to Spatula City.

Or you could stay home in your soiled tear-away track pants and chicken-wing burp stained vest and hop online to order these amazing Foki Korean floor cleaning shoes!

It's ok that you all forgot that women love shoes. You're men. You've got important things like sports and taxes and boobs to think about. But trust me women love shoes and they love house work. Put them together and you've got the ultimate Christmas gift for the specail xxy chromosomoer on your list  . Still not convinced? Let me break this one down for you.

- Until you switch them on, the Foki shoes are just like a normal, fashionable indoor shoe. They in no way look like 2 Dustbusters on your feet.

- They have a rechargeable battery! That means they're cordless. You're fashionable lady friend can pirouette around the kitchen and fantasize that she's Starscream in the new Transformers musical. (Have you seen what's on Broadway these days? Trust me, it's coming.)

Michael Winslow will play Soundwave.

- Also it has an interactive LCD screen on the tops of the shoes that, shows you about working. (I'm assuming it just flashes MAKE DINNER! MAKE DINNER!. But in the busy world of today that can be helpful.)

Why are you still here? Why aren't you scouring the internet for Foki shoes? Nothing says, I love you/let's freak more than floor cleaning Korean robot clogs. Now get to work!


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