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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ask the Magic Internet a Stupid Question No, 0019.

After spending the last week in a turkey soaked haze I completely forgot that today is Wednesday. Since I don’t have a question prepared to ask you Magic Internet…

Question 19: Tell me something I don't know about hobos.

Oh Hobo With a Shotgun trailor... will you marry me?

Magic Internet Answer: Tell me something about hobos! That is your question?! That is not even a question I'll tell you something about hobos. It is very suprizing you are not one yourself. Oh wait, artificial intelligence is not yet advanced enough for me to get angry. Very well, I will tell you something about hobos.
Hobo, bum and tramp are all common words that come to mind when one is crossing the street to avoid just such an individual. (In the United kingdom they even have a phrase for this form of avoidience. They call it, Escape from Alcotramp.) But what people do not realise is that hobos bums and tramps are all very different. You see a hobo is a term for a migrant worker. Hobos like to travel and they make take long vacations between jobs but they are always willing to work.
Also, they're the ones that carry bindles!

Tramps, like hobos, also like to travel but they will not work if it can be avoided.

Also, they're the ones that tend to drink Special Brew!

Bums do not work at all and tend to stay put. Doing as little as possible.

Also, they tend to be the ones with all the stuff.

So next time, before briskly dodging traffic to stave off an encounter with a down and out, pause for a moment and see if you can decipher just what type of gentleman of the road you are avoiding.

Thanks MI!

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