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Monday, January 18, 2010

Turning Me into We!

Sometimes I think my Blog is a little too self-serving.

(I hate buffets. When Gordon Ramsey dies and goes to hell for being such a dick he’s going to have to eat at the Mandarin for all eternity. )

I don’t know how many people out there read The Creep Show but I’d kind of like to find out. Or at least attempt to engage you all a little better. One can never have enough internet weirdos in one’s life.

I’d like The Creep Show to be just that. A show! So I’m going to attempt a little experiment here. Every Monday I’m going to ask YOU the reader to suggest a topic for a blog post. Just rattle it off in the comments section. Anything you’d like me to give my thoughts about. Maybe you want to hear about how much I love Weekend at Bernie’s.

Or how much I like Panda Bears.

Or both!

See there I go again. Telling you what I like. I want to know what you all like. Or don’t like. Or think is stupid (I think Jersey Shore falls into all three of those categories).

Let me know. You can give me one word or as much as you like. If things work out we’ll do this every week and it will be called Case of the Mondays

The chosen one will be posted next Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Hipsters! The disgusting breed of "human" who have infected Queen Street West.