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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

He Called the Shit Poop!

When I was about 12 years old a joke shop opened briefly at the Appleby Mall. I went in there one day and bought a can of this stuff called “Instant Smelly Shit”. Basically it was an aerosol can that sprayed out this brown foam that smelled disgusting. Not even like poop, more like a sick chemical hell.

Much like Duck Shirts ISM seems to no longer exist. Here’s a similar product.

I went around the neighborhood spraying little piles of it on the grass then I sprayed some on the porches of people I didn’t like. When I got back home the can its self smelled so bad that I couldn’t keep it in my room. I didn’t want my parents to see it so I hid it in the garage. I wonder what happened to my Instant Smelly Shit? I wonder if it’s still in there?

Instant Smelly Shit…

I miss you.

Here’s the similar product at work.


michael said...

by duck shirts, do you mean those awesome t-shirts you would get from the t-shirt printing stores in malls that had cartoon ducks reinacting popular movies and then said movies were chenged with the addition of the word duck? like top duck instead of top gun or roboduck instead of robocop?

Cause those were the shit.

Johnny said...

That's pretty much what I'm talking about bu those were second generation Duck Shirts. I have an older post on here where I go into more detail on Duck Shirts.

michael said...

yeah nevermind i just read your duck shirt entry.

I remember the duck off ones, but not as well as the duck movie shirts.

Johnny's Sister said...

I'll bet that can of poo spray is still in the garage ;-O