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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Hate the TTC!

I hate the TTC. I never take it unless I have to. I prefer my bike. Today I took the TTC and was 30 minutes late for work. I could have ridden to work and back and possibly to work again in the time it took these over-paid, unshaven Barbapappas to get me one way. Then there’s the people that ride the TTC. I’m not sure how some of these people function on a daily basis. By my account many of them should be long dead from either forgetting to breath or from being crushed, trapped in or dragged under the very subway that they must bowling ball themselves onto no matter what the cost. Also, they smell. I’m not just talking about the homeless ones. There’s nothing worse then that Monday morning aroma of ode du 8 different colognes a la post-weekend rank fart that fills a packed car. It’s right up there with Union Station’s Mr. Sub/Cinnabun fusion as one of the worst smells this city has to offer (China Town NOT included). I could carry on with a detailed break down of all the types of TTC riders that annoy me but thankfully some woman who seems to be in desperate need of a valium has already done that for me.


Oh and this is probably why I was delayed:

P.S. The worst thing I’ve ever seen on the TTC was a perfectly normal looking middle-aged woman remove her shoes, place her bare feet on the filthy street car floor while she placed said shoes on the seat beside her. Then bring each one of her feet to her mouth so she could BITE OFF HER TOE NAILS AND SPIT THEM ON THE FLOOR!!!!

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