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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Captain Lou Albano RIP 1933 – 2009

Captain Lou, Captain Lou Albannnnooooo!
Louis Vincent Albano will be remembered as a great wrestler, a great manager, friend of Cyndi Lauper, catalyst of the Rockin Wrestlin era and as one of the less sought after WWF Wrestling figures of the 80’s. I’m sure right now he’s up in heaven showing Jesus how to put elastics in his beard and managing a tag team of Ravaging Rick Rude (RIP 1958-1999) and The Junkyard Dog (RIP 1952-1998).

Captian Lou in the Goonies R Good Enough video:

Captian Lou with Cyndi Lauper on Piper's Pit:

P.S. A kid I went to school with went to one of the WWF Super Slams back in the 80's and he said there was an older lady there that was in love with all the wrestlers. As they came out this kid said that the lady had them all spit in an empty Coke bottle and when it was about half full she drank it! I'm not sure if I believe him but it's a pretty weird story for a kid to make up.

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