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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sit On It Winnipeg! The Fonz is Still Cool.

Big, Big news people. Fonzie was given the key to Winnipeg this past weekend while appearing at an auto show.


Now for those that aren't familiar with the city of Winnipeg, it's basically like getting the key to this.

If it was located smack dab in the middle of this.

The mayor said,

 Is there any young man who didn't go to bed saying a prayer, ‘Please let me wake up as The Fonz’?

They might have changed their mind if they stopped to think that Fonzie's father abandoned him as a child and he had a very hard childhood, growing up dyslexic even and became estranged from his mother too. Something tells me that under that cool exterior was a very sad man. Nice one Mayor of Winnipeg.

(File Photo: Mayor of Winnipeg)

But let's not let the moribund sadness that is Winnipeg keep us from reflecting on Fonzie's awsomeness. There are a lot of people around now that didn't grow up with Happy Days and didn't get to experience Fonzie first hand. Looking back now some might even say Fonzie wasn't that cool. Trust me, he was cool.

And if that didn't convince you, keep in mind that they orignally wanted to cast Mickey Dollenz from The Monkees as Fonzie.

(File Photo: Not Cool)

See... Fonzie was cool. Thankfully Fonzie's coolness lives on in many ways. Milwaukee (the location of Happy Days. For the location of Sad Days, see Winnipeg) has erected a statue to Fonzie known as the Bronze Fonz.

Conan O'Brien kept the cool alive when he fired Fonzie's waxy doppelganger out of a cannon.

Spike Lee reminded us all how cool Fonzie was when he had him Russian dancing in a Weezer video.

Then there's all the great Fonzie memorabilia. 

I have this Fonzie Happy Days record. It features hits of the 50s, the Happy Days theme, the Fonzie song and an impressionists track of all Fonzie's favorite sayings so you can listen and practice them. 

(The Honk)

It also has a fold out flap on the back so you can stand the record up. That way Fonzie can look at you while you listen. Man I wish I had that Sit On It pin. Even more so I wish I had a pair ofFonzie socks.

Fuck these are awesome!

My shins would be the coolest shins in town. My shins would even be cooler then The Shins.

And they're a rock and roll band!

But the greatest testament to the legend of Fonzie has to be that Jump the Shark phrase we keep hearing all the time. For it was Fonzie himself that jumped the first shark and I don't care what anyone says. He still looked cool doing it. Let's see you pull off a leather jacket and a bathing suit.

So there you have it. My tribute to Henry Winkler, Arthur Fonzarelli, The Fonz. And if you don't like it. Sit on it douchebagamundo! Yes Fonzie gave us amundo too.

P.S. Fonzi's leather jacket is now in the Smithsonian. Now there is a museum worthy article of clothing. Not that bullshit O.J. suit.

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