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Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Strange Animal.

Today marks 25 years since Gowan’s Strange Animal was released (at least that’s what he said when I saw him on CP24 this morning).

Gowan was the first concert I ever attended. I was 10 and my mom took me.

I don’t remember much about the concert. I remember that he jumped off a marshal stack. I also remember he had one of those crystal pyramid things.

(This may be the actual one from the concert or maybe not. I’m not sure.)

I think he held it and looked into it while he sang Criminal Mind or Moonlight desires. I remember at the end of the song he threw it into the audience. I thought that was really dangerous. Imagine getting hit with that thing. That would suck. Kind of like this but in reverse.

I also remember that at the end of the concert people were doing that thing where they hold up their lighters. I’ve heard rumors that people now do the same thing with cell phones and ipods.

If this is true and they’re not just taking pictures then that is the gayest thing ever. If I was performing on stage and that happened I’d walk off.

We’re sorry folks but Johnny has had to cut his concert short. That thing you all did when you held up your phones and swayed… yea that was uncomfortably lame and has given him the Jheeps. He’s backstage now trying to replenish his awesome centers by watching Roadracers. The show’s over people.

Back to Gowan. Not only is it 25 years since Strange Animal came out but it’s also 25 years since the height of the 80s look I like to call Modern Primitive (I know those people with lots of piercings, scars and tribal tattoos like to call themselves that too but they suck). The 80s Modern Primitive look was kind of like a punk look and kind of like a new romantic look but with more feathers and bones and a weird kind of native/savage quality to it. David Lee Roth had the look when he made Eat Em and Smile.

Bobcat Goldthwait definitely had the look as Zed in the Police Academy movies.

Even Dee Snider jumped on the bandwagon for Twisted Sister’s Stay Hungry album cover.

But Gowan captures it best in his Strange Animal video. That weird jumpsuit with the animal skins on it and that bone. The bone is key. According to Gowan's (terrible) website he is actually two people Strange Animal and Lawrence Gowan. Apparently he was cloned and that bone he is singing with holds his unique DNA or something. It’s all in the Truth section of the site. Along with a number of other statements I find confusing and sad. Speaking of sad, Gowan is now the lead singer of Styx.

(I’m not sure which one he’s replaced. Hopefully all five because who wants to look at that mess?)

I wonder if they still do Mr. Roboto?

Styx - Mr. Roboto
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Somehow I can’t picture Gowan roboting. He’s too much of a free spirit. As proven by this signed photo.

Kimberlee - Do Great Things in Love and Music – Gowan

I hope Kimberlee took Gowan’s sage words to heart. I hope she spent the second half of the 80s giving two handed hand jobs and learning the keytar.

Ominus Spiritous.

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