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Monday, March 8, 2010

Johnny knows the ladies: the origin of Stud Muffin

Where did the term Stud Muffin come from?

I can understand the stud part. That’s derived from the term for a male horse. All women love horses. It’s in their blood. They even make a calendar about it.

(Women seem to like calendars too.)

You see, women’s love of horses has caused them to objectify men using horse-like terminology.

For more on this see the episode of the Cosby Show where Theo and Cockroach are overheard by Denise referring to good looking women as Burgers. Denise then counters by referring to good looking men as Clydesdales. I can’t find the clip so here’s one of Theo and Cockroach rapping.

So are we all clear on the Stud part? A stud is super hot guy that women find attractive. Here’s one more example. Malibu is definitely a stud.

Now on to the Muffin part.

At first I thought the muffin in Stud Muffin was referring to the guy’s butt. Women like guy’s butts.

(They have calendars for that too.)

A common term used in place of butt is buns. Muffins are kind of like buns, only sweeter. And there it was. The answer was right in front of me. Women like food too. It’s their closest friend and their greatest nemesis.

The muffin part of stud muffin refers to a guy that is sweet and good enough to eat. Like a fresh baked muffin.

There you have it. All the wonders of the female psyche unlocked and exposed. Now guys, when your significant lady friend comes home with one of these.

Or a pair of these.

You can just nod and smile.

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