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Monday, November 29, 2010

Leslie Nielsen: February 11th, 1926 – November 28th, 2010 R.I.P.

Leslie Nielsen dies yesterday. He was 84 years old.

I always liked Leslie. Even though he’s been in over 100 movies, I’ll always remember him best as Frank Drebin.

It’s amazing how an actor who in my mind has always been an old guy can bring back such fond memories of being young. Saturday night sleepovers spent watching Airplane! and Airplane 2 back to back. With a case of mixed loose pops from Mr. Grocer and a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza for sustenance. (Remember when pepperoni on pizza was crispy? Why is modern pepperoni such bullshit?! Sigh , I can’t get into this now. This is a whole other post.) Now sure Airplane! is a funny movie. But if you’re 9 years old with 4 cans of Coke in you, Airplane might as well be your Vice Principal in a dress wiping out in dog shit.

And I know Leslie Nielsen wasn’t in Airplane 2 but by that time we’d had 6 pops each and what little attention span we had left was spent on fort making/arguing over wither or not Boba Fett was a robot or not. Airplane 2 was barely witnessed. It sucked anyway. Except maybe the wrestling bit.

Hey did you know Leslie Nielsen was on WWF back in the 90s?


I remember being 11 years old and getting my parents to drop us off at the Showcase cinema an hour early so we could sneak into Chuck E. Cheese next door (they HATED unsupervised kids and you really did have to sneak in) to play video games. Then going to see Naked Gun after we got kicked out (I think one of us asked Chucky if he was a homo.)

And hey, O. J. Simpson was in it too.

Ha, ha ha. He’s a murderer.

And of course Leslie was also in The Creepshow. I can’t leave that out.

Leslie Nielsen. 1926 - 2010. Let him RIP.

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