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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hey Butthead, where do you get all these great ideas? They come from my weiner.

Great news everyone!
McRibs back?

No, even better. Beavis & Butthead are back!!!

Yes. Yes. Yes! MTV and Mike Judge are doing new episodes of Beavis & Butthead!

I like the New York Post’s attempt to explain the show to people that maybe haven’t seen it. My favorite line in the article is this one,

A recurring character on the show, high-school classmate Daria (whom they called "Diarrhea"), eventually got her own MTV series.
Diarrhea cha cha cha Diarrhea cha cha cha. Sigh, all the memories are flooding back. We never got MTV in Canada when Beavis & Butthead first aired but a friend of mine had a condo in Florida and he used to tape as many episodes as he could and we’d sit there for 4 hours straight watching them all. Now I have them on DVD but it’s just not the same. Most of the videos they made fun of wouldn’t give permission for their songs to be used on the DVDs. So they’re all cut out and there’s just a few tacked on as a bonus feature. Those were the best parts of the show.

I find it funny that Beavis & Butthead kind of lead the way for MTV to start playing things other than music videos and now it seems that by making new episodes where they make fun of new music, they might be the ones to lead MTV back to playing music videos. Although the fact that MTV has hit reality TV rock bottom with Jersey Shore may also be a deciding factor.

That guy has Cadillac tattooed up his side for fuck’s sake!

Also, did you hear that the cast of Jersey Shore are on strike? What does that mean exactly? Are they going to stop being sort of Italian? Are they going to stop tanning? Are the guys going to put on shirts and stop being lead around town by their bangers? Are the girls going to start wearing pants or better yet this:

Actually I think Lady Ga Ga wore only this to her niece’s Kindergarten graduation last week.

Why don’t they just film them on strike and make that the third season? I can’t imagine they’ll do anything different while on strike then they did while on the show. They’ll just have no money. They could call it Jersey Poor.

Starring Mike the Situation (Critical): Will show abs for Red Bull.

Christ, why are they even considering a third season? This is bullshit! But I digress. Let’s wash the taste of hair gel and dried bodily fluids out of our mouths with some classic Beavis & Butthead.

Now… fo old time’s sake… time to go flog dolpheen.

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